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Free Spirited. Adventure seeker. Hopeless Romantic. Music, Nature and Art Lover. Food enthusiast. Bookaholic. Wanna-be runner. Aspiring mountaineer. Frustrated Singer/guitarist. Happy-go-lucky. NOT A WRITER. You might find glitches on grammar and spelling, sorry for that. :)) This Blog is about BITS and PIECES of what's running through my head and what's going on with my life and everything in between. This is my piece of heaven. This is my outlet. No holds barred. This is not entirely a food blog, it just so happen that I always dine out and take photos of everything that interest me... and yeah that includes FOOD. Talk about dieting. "I'm on diet right?" #LOL

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Finally registered for Milo Marathon, I will be running 5km along with my workmates… a super fun run =)

This will also serve as a recovery run after Springboards 16km run, though I’m still contemplating whether to join it or not. Sana may magsabi sa akin na kaya ko, bukod sa sarili ko haha..