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Free Spirited. Adventure seeker. Hopeless Romantic. Music, Nature and Art Lover. Food enthusiast. Bookaholic. Wanna-be runner. Aspiring mountaineer. Frustrated Singer/guitarist. Happy-go-lucky. NOT A WRITER. You might find glitches on grammar and spelling, sorry for that. :)) This Blog is about BITS and PIECES of what's running through my head and what's going on with my life and everything in between. This is my piece of heaven. This is my outlet. No holds barred. This is not entirely a food blog, it just so happen that I always dine out and take photos of everything that interest me... and yeah that includes FOOD. Talk about dieting. "I'm on diet right?" #LOL

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G’Morning Fellas! I know I should not play with food but I’m having a great time. ;) #yanyan #meiji #favorite

Lemon Lime Mint Shake at Isla Cafe. #refreshing #drinks #mondate

My book haul for the week from @Blinkph This time I go for the classic and filipino lit. and a book from one of my fave. Thanks @camelle_r of ;)

Smooth and easy transaction @Blinkph Got my package just now. Cool! ;) #morebooksforme

Great run today. My first fun run for 2014. Finally beat my PR for 10km. Yehey! Thank you Lord for an injury-free run. #happyweekend #lookingpositive #7Eleven #Run1000

Scents. #thankyou #christmas #bvlgari #ck #downtown

Thank you!!! :)) #christmasgift #speculoos #favorite #cookiebutter

Working on my blog. My mom’s version of hainanese chicken. :p

What I love about herbs and spices is that you can put it on any dish that you like and it still turns out good. Great even. Even as simple as this one, “Curry Fried Rice” ;)

KFC Cheesy Bacon Pasta Bowl